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A land survey is the locating, measuring, marking, and platting of the boundaries of a tract of land and/or of the natural and man-made features on a tract of land.

The services of a Professional Land Surveyor are essential to almost everyone involved in a property transaction or a change in land use. In Pennsylvania, only licensed Professional Land Surveyors can practice land surveying.

Carl Bert & Associates has been providing excellent surveying services in south-central Pennsylvania since 1973, on tracts ranging from 0.1 acre to 425 acres. Equipment and software are regularly updated to stay on the leading edge of technology, ensuring that the desired product can be delivered in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Types of surveys provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Boundary
  • Land Title
  • Subdivision
  • Topographic
  • Construction
  • Control
  • As-Built
  • Court Exhibits
land surveyor
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